Tuesday, December 03, 2013

think kit day three - share something strange

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Today's Think Kit blogging prompt: Share the strangest experience of your year. Did you do something new or unexpected, see something out of the ordinary, or have a unique experience? What was so strange about it?

In some ways my life is one big ball of strange.

I work for an amazing nonprofit agency, have two great part-time jobs, am a columnist for a terrific neighborhood paper, and a few occasional freelance writing gigs. I love each and everything thing I do, even though I'm occasionally overwhelmed.

Second Helpings is unique - there is nothing exactly like it in the country. My work day is always different and typically at least a little strange. We rescue two million pounds of food a year and within hours turn it into thousands of nutrient dense meals. Did I mention the volunteer force of 600? Or the culinary job training program for unemployed adults who are struggling with barriers including incarceration, homelessness, and addiction?

Applying pressure to a bleeding wound, giving a tour to a donor, figuring out what to do with pallets of cabbage (that's a lot of cabbage), interviewing potential students, mopping the floor, answering mail, and meeting with co-workers is all in a day's work. Today, as a matter of fact.

Both the Red Key and Marigold are one-of-a-kind jobs with their own brand of fun strangeness.

Since strange seems to be my normal, I went for "out of the ordinary" for this prompt.

How many of you had a wedding in your backyard this year? 

Robin and I worked years worth of Saturday nights at the Red Key together - in lots of ways she knew me better than anyone. We would catch up in the news of week in 90 second bites. It usually centered around not-so-great relationships and such. I was so happy for when she met Tony - I could tell she was smitten and soon they were planning their wedding.

Finding a wedding spot that had enough room and would allow them to bring their own amazing home-made food, family made wine, and craft beer was proving to be a challenge.

I was thrilled when they took me up on the offer of my backyard for their special day. I am lucky enough to have a yard that is large, full of mature trees, and opens to the Monon Trail. Robin and Tony did most of the work of whipping the yard into shape - I'd let nature take over the lawn the last few years.

It was a beautiful day of sunshine, love, and community. Not the least bit strange, really.

Who wants to get married in my backyard this year?


Granny Annie said...

I'm pretty sure it is strange that you have posted some things to your blog this year:)

nora leona said...

Annie- you are so right! I'm using the Think Kit to kick my arse.
And iced tea came out of my nose when I read your comment!