Tuesday, December 24, 2013

think kit day twenty-four: grateful

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Today's Think Kit blogging prompt: What are you grateful for this year?
I'm a walking ball of gratitude, so I challenged myself to narrow it down to one thing. Otherwise this would be a list of rainbows and ponies and kittens and figgy pudding.

I'm am grateful for my job with Second Helpings
My job combines my education (Purdue - restaurant management), experience (25+ years in the food service industry), and passion (who doesn't want to feed and educate people?).

I get to be creative and active and think outside box and make decisions on the fly. 
I have amazing coworkers and get to work with fabulous volunteers. 

And my job allows me to support myself and be active in the community. 

Yep. I'm grateful for my job.

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Granny Annie said...

And your job and your friends and this world are all so very grateful for you!