Sunday, February 01, 2009

super bowl

I'm sitting at the Northside Newsstand watching the game, actually watching the commercials --truth be told, writing my column and goofing around with the built-in camera in my MacBook. I kind of forgot about the camera until the Aretha hat appeared on one of the few Photo Booth pictures that I had.

Okay, back to multi-slacking.


Rachel said...

Fun stuff! I'm not watching it. I even had to ask my nephew where the Cardinals were from! I thought they were from Louisville, but he says that's baseball. Got my balls mixed up I guess!

Jamie Dawn said...

Multi slacking is my hobby.

I didn't watch ONE minute of the game. I'm such a non sports fan. Congrats to the Steelers! I had heard they were favored to win, but what do I know? I guess the game was really competitive which is terrific. If it would have been a blow out, it wouldn't have been very exciting.

Make time for more multi slacking.

Ralph said...

After lookign at thsoe picture my first thought was, "Okay Nora, what's REALLY in the cup?"
I thought the commercials were a little disappointing this year.