Friday, February 13, 2009

i have become the crazy cat lady down the street

I was up late last night, cleaning and baking. The cleaning led to an allergy attack (perhaps I should dust more than once a year) and one of my eyes swelled shut.

I went next door to walk the neighbors dog. My cat, Felix walked out of my open door right in to the path of the dog. They started a chase, dragging me along. We slid down my steep front yard -me on my bum. 

My neighbor came home to see me sitting on my ass, cowboy boots tucked in to sweat pants, wearing a Dead Milkman tee-shirt, hair in a pony-tail on the top of my head and one eye and the dog doing his business. 


Follow up: The next night I was a little smarter when I went to feed Claire and pulled my door shut behind me. Yep. The door locked. It was a long, cold three block walk to the Hostel to fetch the spare set. Different sweat pants, same cowboy boots (they were close to the door) and a short-sleeved CBGB shirt streaked with flour and pink icing. 

I let myself in the Hostel, found my keys and nicked a coat from the back of a door for the walk home. 



Gette said...

Hilarious visual image.

I haven't thought of the Dead Milkmen in years.

Kim said...

I can't say it enough, woman.




Jamie Dawn said...

I could just see this unfolding as I read.
Funny mental picture!

Cliff said...

Great stuff here Nora. At least the cat wasn't the only one they call 'OL One-eye' anymore.

Rachel said...

Too bad no one took a picture of you Nora! I know it wasn't funny...but I had to laugh!

Ralph said...

I have met you, I like you, but I would have ran hard and fast had I seen this happen.

Teresa said...

Dead Milkman made me think of the Dead Kennedy's. I am glad that you are okay. Very funny story.