Sunday, February 15, 2009

saint valentine's day 2009

This year might hold the new record for the number of guests at my annual Saint Valentine's Day party. According to my guest book (and my memory) over 100 people wandered through my house. I think there were at least 50 people there at once. I got wedged in the kitchen at one point and the hallway turned in to a one-way street. 

I love getting the house ready for Saint Valentine's Day. Decorating is so much more fun than dusting. It's no accident that the whole house is lit by candlelight and Christmas lights.


I did take a couple of hours to dust the PEZ collection for the first time in years. 

These beautiful roses were delivered to my doorstep the day before the party. Thanks Kristi!  

In twenty-six years the annual Saint Valentine's Day party as changed a little bit. Some of the early years the refreshments consisted of a keg of beer and a plate of heart-shaped cookies. 

Now the food is the focus. 

As you see, I added some healthier choices. I made myself eat two vegetables for every cookie. I ate a lot of veggies....and a lot of cookies. 

Not to say that there was not a well-stocked bar...

...or beer selection. 

There were more kids than ever this year. My nephew was the leader of the pack.

Here he is with his favorite PEZ

Aunt Nora was so preoccupied with her hostess duties that she absentmindedly handed him a lighter when he asked.

Don't the kids have the a "we're not doing anything look" on their sweet little faces?

I didn't take very many photographs -- I was too busy chatting and laughing. And eating and maybe drinking an Irish whiskey or two. 


Michael, Jane, Robert

Beth, Jerry and Ron

Beth, Anna, June Bug and Jerry

Joni and the girls. 

We all had great fun with the feather wreath from my front door....


And then the twins arrived....

Caroline and Katy

June Bug, Katy and J.R. 

Miss O. and Evan

Jolie and Katy

Katy in the wreath -- look at her little hand peeking out. 

Tammy (mother of those cute kids) and Papa. 

I had a wonderful time this year. I was able to take Friday off and Beth ran around shopping with me and we had a blast. Things are so much easier with help. I was able to sleep in on party day and still feel slightly organized. 

It was fun to dress up and show off the smaller Nora. I love this photograph -- and I have no idea who the guy behind me is. That's the beauty of the party, you never know who will show up in your living room.

post script: The handkerchief in the top photograph is from the folks that live in the Little Red House by the Park.  I adore it - and them. I need to apologize to the people that handed me tulips, candy and wine. Unless there was a card, I totally forgot who gave me what. The See's candy was totally worth the Weight Watchers points. 


Kim said...

I'm sorry we missed the festivities! It looks like everyone had a ball.

Wayne and I had planned on stopping by after our "dinner of love," but when we got to the restaurant, it was closed! Not just for the night, but gone-out-of-business closed! We drove all the way to Danville to find someplace to eat that didn't have a 2 hour wait. We ended up having a blast, and our little excursion will forever be known as the "Valentine Adventure of 2009."

Ralph said...

Okay - we are so there next year. Don't forget to send us our invite. I hate to crash events like this but have in the past and will do so in the future if need be.
It looks like everyone had a great, great time.

Cliff said...

1:Ralph, pick us up on your way thru.
2:I never had a cool aunt who would give out lighters to the kids at parties.
3:The baby balancing the funnel on his forehead was really clever.
4.Jerry and you both look good.
5.Someone must have been at the door handing out drinks and telling folks, "Do not set this drink down, no matter what."
6: YOu throw better parties than everyone else in the whole world.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a fun party! I love all the lights and FOOD!
You look cute, as usual, and it looks like everyone had fun. Those babies are adorable!
You have a HUGE Pez collection!!!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful party!! Your Pez collection is awesome! I never knew what a Pez was until you! Honestly.

The food and flowers are lovely! Very festive and everyone looks like they were having a blast!

hensses said...

Nora- What a great party. I especially loved the theme beer- Mmmmmm Two Hearted Ale. I was four-hearted by the time I left. Thanks for the props on the post.
Our christmas light are still up too. They become out march madness lights, then we take them down.

Janell said...

Gosh, I hope I can come to a party at your house someday.

Anonymous said...
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