Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As I was telling Gette in a Facebook instant message chat last night, I feel like I'm cheating on this blog some times with my love of Facebook. If I get a whiff that any of you bloggers are also on Facebook, I'll track you, hi Lacy.

Facebook allows for the speedy upload of photographs and you can do a one sentence status update. Today mine says: Nora thinks you should all stay home today. She and her hat have it under control.

This fabulous photo appeared on my Facebook page the other day. A friend photoshopped Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat on to my head. I love this photo of me. It's from the day that I got my MacBook. I was following the the instructions for setting it up when it asked for a picture and the camera was activated. The look on my face is pure amazement and joy. Of course, not six hours later I'd already scarred the poor thing.

Today is a snow day. There is almost a foot of snow on the ground. The public school is closed and we closed Second Helpings, but I came in anyway. I wanted to make sure all of the agencies that were open could get food. And the students came in to prepare for their big buffet tomorrow. I got so much done! It's amazing what you can accomplish with out any interruptions.

We had a nice cozy lunch and now I'm heading home to shovel out my driveway (and work off those chicken enchaladas the students made).

Get your own Aretha hat by clicking here.

post script: 

The best $40 + tip I ever spent. Not only did I get my long driveway shoveled but I feel a little more comfortable with the neighborhood kids. I'll admit to to feeling a little trepidation when two guys approached me as a I was shoveling, but we soon negotiated a price and the three of us knocked it out in half an hour. It takes me at least two hours and I probably wouldn't have gone all the way back. 

The bad news: I still can't get in the driveway. The street has not been plowed yet and every time I try to make the turn in to the drive I get hung up. Luckily I can park the truck in the lot of a neighboring business (an annual batch of toffee goes a long way). 


Granny Annie said...

Oh yes Nora, I'm on facebook. The grandchildren put me there and I'm learning to get around. Double dare you to find me.

I love Aretha's hat so I'm going for it. Hope I can copy it onto a phot of me. You are on my "I Love Your Blog" link for today so others can get the hat also.

Teresa said...

Love the hat! Two of my neighbors snowblowed my driveway three times during this snowstorm. Thank goodness!

Ralph said...

We had a neighbor kid that use to do our driveway. Haven't heard from him this year.
I really hate snow even in pictures.
P.S. thanks for only post today. Your moments of inspiration (three or more posts back to back) are fun but overwhelming. Can't shovel snow and read at the same time.

Jamie Dawn said...

This winter has been quite cold and snowy even across the south. I'm still in CA, so I missed out on the fun of that horrid ice storm that hit Arkansas and some other states.
Snow shoveling is great exercise and lots of work. I'm glad you had some help clearing your driveway.
I LOVE that photo of you! It is so cute, with or without the hat. I saw Granny Annie with that same hat over at her place. She said it came from you.

Rachel said...

You and Granny Annie both look great in that hat!!

I'm glad you got help with all that snow shoveling. It takes awhile when you are going it alone.

I have been getting more and more e-mails from people wanting me to be a friend on Facebook. I have become their friends so maybe I've joined? I need to check it out further.

Cliff said...

Well, (said indignantly) We're not good enough over here for ya? Just let me tell you something little miss fancy computer, I've heard there is clearly a higher class of folks hangin out round here than over at that facebook deal.
But you just do what you thinks right. : {

Jerry said...

I'm on Facebook too as you know. I still feel like a chaperone, and had to shut off most of the notifications (What are you doing now? Join my club? Take this quiz?) because it was filling up my inbox. We'll see.

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