Monday, February 09, 2009

out of whack

I've been out of sorts lately. Not only have I been crabby but it feels like my whole being is out of whack. 

I've been tripping over things, jamming fingers, banging knees on doors and getting paper cuts by looking at boxes at Target. 

Seriously, who gets not one, but two cuts from the box on an embarrassing feminine product? After I bled on it I had to purchase it. I was also running an errand for Tammy and the twins so besides the bloody box of embarrassment I also had baby bottle nipples and a package of Fig Newtons on the conveyor belt. And the woman in front of me in the line had her credit card denied so there was a big rigmarole and the people in line behind me stacked up. My hand is bleeding and it didn't occur to me to purchase a box of tissues to sop it up. And I was trying to catch the cashier's eye to tell her to let me swipe the box over the scanner so she didn't have to risk touching the soggy box. I'm surprised that I didn't have a stroke by the time it was over. 

I tend to be hyperaware of my surroundings and people's feelings. I'm really good at being sensitive to feelings and situations. Not yesterday. 

That photo, my friends, is of my Jesus key ring on my display table at the Hebrew congregation in my neighborhood. I hope no one thought that I was making any kind of statement...

And if that was not bad enough, I swore in front of a man of the cloth today. I popped in to the library after work and a man stopped me and asked if I was Nora. Why, yes I am. He introduced himself as the pastor of a neighborhood church and asked if I'd help him find music for the farmer's market that his congregation hosts. Sure, I'd love to. 

He handed me his card and I asked if I could give him my email address to send me the details. I remarked that I'd probably use his card as a bookmark and find it weeks later and "wonder why in the Hell I had it." 

*sigh. I'm going to bed, before I do anymore damage to myself and others. 


Cliff said...

He has forgiven you Nora. I'm sure of it.
OR, he's praying for you as you read this.
Funny column. I hope you intended it that way.

WYA! said...

Today will be better- maybe it was the full moon yesterday! :-)

Teresa said...

Hang in there girlfriend. We all have those kind of days. I am having a decade like that. :)

Tee said...

LMAO! I'm sorry to laugh at your misfortune. That last mishap was too funny though.

I hope the days have been treating you better since that post. {hugs}

Jamie Dawn said...

Ministers and priests are probably used to hearing a curse word now and then. A member of our church once used the F word directly to The Reverend's face on the front porch of the church in the course of conversation. He said something like, "I don't know what the F happened..." Keith said the guy just said, "Excuse my language, Pastor," then went on talking.
It was funny because there were other people standing around at the time.
Praise the Lord!
I enlarged the photo to get a good look at that totally cool Jesus key chain.
Bless you, my child.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Eat some chocolate.

King Tiger said...

I get that way once an a while. I always term is, "being 15 seconds behind the times".
Its like watching an old analog TV set that was just slightly out of tune so that the picture and the sound didn't synch up.

Hope you are better.