Wednesday, March 21, 2007

match not com


In my never-ending quest to avoid writing about my favorite gospel bands I browsed

I typed in my zip code and the age range of 38 to 52--seven years either way from mine.

Creepy guy down the street. Check
Creepy guy that used to spend way too much time at the coffeehouse. Check
Creepy guy that comes in the Red Key. Oh wait, same guy.
Creepy guy that volunteers at Second Helpings. Check
Creepy guy that I avoid at the gym. Check.
Creepy guy that I see at the library. Check.

Some of the names are creepy too-- "smoothlove" or "xxx" or "single4now" or "velvettouch"

And guys, it is okay to use spellcheck.

I'm sure there are several nice men on there--I'm just not ready to wade through them.

Being single is not so bad.


Teresa said...

I am cracking up here....I look at my "options" and decide I think I like the way my life is. :)

Hang in there sister. Your prince will come and I hope he has a brother.

Rachel said...

Creepy, huh?? LOL!! I do know a couple of people who have dated some from those things and it turned out to be kind of creepy for them. In those cases the guys were just looking for a free ride or a woman to keep them up! Geesh!! But I do know a woman who found a great guy on It has worked out great for her.

Far worse things than being single!!

Cliff Morrow said...

I don't go deer hunting for fear I'd get one.

Jerry said...

Just say no to