Sunday, March 18, 2007

march madness

Hello Lovelies,
I'm enjoying the heck out of the basketball games.
I was really hoping that Purdue could pull off a win this afternoon.
I'm throwing my eggs in Butler's basket.
Butler is just a mile from my house, my youngest sister Ann is a graduate and I took a creative writing class there last year (don't hold that against them).

I've been doing some panic writing today.
I'm writing a piece for NUVO's nightlife guide.
When I read the assignment I thought I was to write about the Top 10 Folk bands and the best venue to see them.

I happily said yes, and forgot about it for three weeks.
It is due tomorrow, so I looked at the e-mail from the music editor this morning to check the word count.
I freaked out when I read that I'm also to write about Christian/Gosepel Music and World Music--and come up with favorite venues and Top 10 band list. With a 40 word blurb for each band.
30 bands x 40 words = HEAD EXPLOSION.

Ekkk! I blame the fact that I had a fever when I accepted the assignment.
I've spent the day researching bands online.

Did I mention that my internet access at home is not working?

I worked feverishly (pretty ironic) at the Newsstand until Matt (of the nice suit) kicked me out--three hours after he officially closed for the day.
A Sunday six-pack will only keep someone interested for so long.

I'm now sitting at the Hostel down the street using their wireless.

I'm going home to sleep for a bit.
I'm shooting for getting to work at 5:00 and finishing up the article.


InkTank said...

u write quite well
makes interesting reading
i too write my own experiences, anecdotes etc
have a look please

Teresa said...

I will have to check out the next NUVO. I used to read them all of the time when I worked downtown and it was easier to get. Not so much down here in Johnson County.

Cliff Morrow said...

Ah, you have a job. Think of it that way.
good luck Nora.