Saturday, March 10, 2007

friday night fish fry

I had a very busy week. I had a meeting to attend or a concert to review every night.
I decided the Friday night should be something calm and fun--no name tag or credentials required.
I drove to the farm to meet Dad and go the the St. Joesph's Knights of Columbus Fish Fry. They do this every Friday during Lent.
I got the bright idea to call Jerry to see if he could join us.

All of the stars aligned (he was in town and his parents were settled) and Jerry had dinner with us. It was fun to catch up with neighbors and see the next generation at work.

St. Joe's used to have a grade school. Jerry and I were in the same classroom in 1967. Sister Benedicta kept us all in line.
I was very afraid of her (looking back I was afraid of my own shadow).
Sister Benedicta was my teacher for two years--first and second grade were in the same room back then.

I wished with all of my might that the nuns would leave our school.

The nuns did move away.....and they hired my Mom to teach.

I learned a big lesson--be careful of what you wish for.


Jerry said...

Thanks for calling me up. That was fun being back where it all started for us little Catholic kids.

But that picture....Good grief. I look stoned. What did they put in that fish batter?

Cliff Morrow said...

I wish I could have joined you. We tried to go out for a fish dinner last nite at our favorite fish place and when we got there the line was clear out the door. Nope. Not me. We had steaks instead.
You guys take care.

Teresa said...

That is funny--be careful what you wish for.

Glad you had fun...and I would love to know what the put in the fish batter. Maybe we should all come to the fish fry!