Saturday, January 02, 2016

your 2015, reviewed: less is more

I did it! 
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I am excited to be participating in the Think Kit project again this year. Today's Prompt: Your 2015, Reviewed: Give us the 30,000 foot view. Or, hone in on a few highlights. Let's bring last year to life before moving on to what's ahead.

I feel like I wrote the 30,000 foot view yesterday. Which was hard for me, I'm not good at the "high-level look" or other things that get bandied around in business and board meetings. I'm a boots on the ground sort of person. Tell me the project or idea and I'll make it happen. 

So, in the spirit of the opposite of high-level, I'll drill down on one aspect of 2015.

I joined Weight Watchers online a few years ago (at 165 pounds) and lost 15-ish pounds, give or take. My lowest weight was 140, but I seamed to hover around around 150 no matter how hard I tried. And this went on for years. Since 2007 at least - I know this because I've been writing down my weight on the first day of each month since then on a giant blackboard in my hallway. 

Last year I realized that I really wasn't trying that hard. Even if I was disappointed in my weekly at-home weigh in, it was just me and I could quickly shove the scales out of the way and ignore my chubby knees. It was surprisingly easy to walk by the chalk-scrawled numbers each morning.

I decided that I needed to treat losing weight like a part-time job. 

I am a hard worker after all. 

I started going to WW meetings in February (at 147 pounds) and meet my goal (135) in July and maintained the weight for six weeks, becoming a "lifetime" member in August. I'm proud to say that I've managed to keep it up...or rather off...for the last six months. 

While it hasn't been easy, I feel great, the new clothes have been fun, and my lab results from my last checkup were lovely. And writing on the board is so much more enjoyable.

I've discovered several things about myself. I like to cook and I especially love the prep part. I spend at least half an hour each day, often more, making my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I spend more time at farmers markets and in the veggie aisle. My cutting board is always within reach and I had to have my French knife sharpened for the first time in 20 years.

I've also learned to my great surprise that I feel better when I exercise. I credit my Fitbit with keeping me motivated. My jiggly elbows didn't bother me, but reaching 12,000 steps and getting those four little lights to flash in my wrist kept me jogging in place in my kitchen. 

Apparently eating less and exercise lead to weight loss. If only someone would have told me sooner...

Here's to another year of eating well and jogging around my 750 SF house - 28 steps east, turn, 28 steps west, turn, 28 steps east....

And if you need me on Wednesdays at 6:00, tough. I'll be at my Weight Watchers meeting. 

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susiek said...

"Apparently" ... Made me laugh! Good story, Nora. Happy new year!