Friday, January 01, 2016

first line: no one is more surprised by my life than i am.

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Happy New Year! I am excited to be participating in the Think Kit project again this year. 

Today's prompt: First LinePretend you're writing your autobiography. Give us your first line, a first chapter, or even just an image. What's the story of you?

I'm sure the first like of my autobiography would be: No one is more surprised by my life than I am. 

Seriously. I have an amazing life - an awesome job, loving family and friends, and I'm smitten with my community. 

I always joke that everyday is a new day for me. But it's true. If I go to bed angry or disappointed or feeling like something is impossible, it's all forgotten by morning. Which has worked in the favor of family members and boyfriends and co-workers over the years. 

So, I've got the first few lines and recapping the last 54 years seems 'bout a little slice of last year? 

In 2015 I got to throw out the ceremonial pitch at in Indianapolis Indians game and drive an official Indianapolis 500 Pace Car for two laps around the famed track. 

 Not too bad for an nonathletic chickie who drives-like-an-old-woman lady. 

For the record, the pitch made it to the plate and I used the turn-signals as I drove around the track. 

This year I also celebrated 10 years at Second Helpings, met (and maintained) my Weight Watchers goal, continued to write a column for the Broad Ripple Gazette, attended all 17 days of the Indiana State Fair and blogged about it for NUVO, and kept my two part-time jobs. Oh, and I'm on the boards of School On Wheels and the Indianapolis City Market. 

It's late and I'm ready for bed - and to wake up to a new day of what is sure to be great fun. 

See you tomorrow! 

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Granny Annie said...

Good for you Nora. That seems like a huge project to take on but I look forward to seeing you often. I am not blogging as much these days. Have you bought stock in Weight Watchers? They say it has soared since Oprah began advertising for them.