Thursday, January 07, 2016

thicken the plot: thinning down

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I am excited to be participating in the Think Kit project again this year. Thicken the Plot: We're all writing the story of our lives as we go. How can you make your story interesting in 2016? And if you can't see around the bend, it's okay to dream. Let's make 2016 one of the most riveting parts of our tale, shall we?

I'm hoping this year is the year that I can see around the bend. While 2015 was full of fun, it was also sprinkled with two root canals and two crowns and repairs on the tenant side of my double, not to mention the two months it was empty and no rent collected. I'm working hard at chipping away at my credit card debt and being fiscally responsible.

I've also managed to accumulate stuff....most of it mundane... I've been making a real effort to use up the all of the dish soap, shampoo, canned soup, paper towels, weird smelling lotion, little packets of tissue, and other things that were either purchased on sale, given to me as a gift, or somehow came to to be at my house.

I've also done a good job of organizing and giving the gifts I've picked up for friends and family in the last few years, but never managed to actually get to the person I'd picked them out for. At Christmas I was mostly able to shop from my own gift shelf.

The more brutal project has been spending time in the basement sorting socks and tee shirts and pitching things that should have been tossed years before. I've taken a ton of clothes to the Toggery (resale shop) and the folks at Goodwill are starting to recognize my car and my trash bin is always full.

I look forward to enjoying my cozy house with no major projects hanging over my head. I look forward to looking forward to getting the mail each day - no more envelopes from the dentist or credit card company.

Even though I'm paring down, I promise the quirkiness of Chez Pez will continue - let's not go too far with this project....

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