Friday, January 22, 2010

ummm, hi.

The longer I don't update this blog the guiltier I feel.
Vicious circle, really.

Some updates
- the tree never got decorated, but I did enjoy the lights and the festiveness.
- the holidays were fun, I even had two days in a row off one week.
- I had a blast on New Year's Eve -- and I was the designated driver! Check out the cool party hat Cara made me! It totally made up for the lack of midnight kissing partner.

- I've been working on more organizing and cleaning and purging the house. I made dressing room in the basement and moved all of my clothes down there. Mornings are a lot easier without running back and forth and laundry is a breeze, I just have to reach over to hang up the clean clothes instead of running things upstairs to my tiny closet.
- the closet project moved furniture out of my bedroom and prompted to put my living room television on the curb. I made room for a bookcase in the living room so all of the stacks of books are off the floor.
-I bought myself a record player for Christmas! Woo hoo! I'm enjoying listening to a mixture of nostalgic stuff (Dow Jones and the Industrials anyone?) to new releases.
- I was going to take a season off from bowling, but got talked into doing it again. It is fun!
- I've stepped up my writing gigs. Which is just the opposite of what I said I'd do. I'll have two features and six CD reviews in the next issue of Ghettoblaster, the Buzzing Around Town column is still going strong and I'm writing a monthly feature for NUVO about music radio deejays. I got to actually interview my first subject on the air!

Later gator!


Granny Annie said...

ummmm, well I guess that was a post. Obviously written out of guilt. Informative but without the pizazz you normally provide your blog readers.

I must say that I am fascinated with the new closet and the other changes in your home. You are so clever! All that work does give you some reprieve from your blogging.

Cliff said...

Ya know Nora, the basement idea is really smart. I put an old dresser in the basement and now I stand by the shower and washer and dryer and take my dirt clothes off that stay in that area and clean clothes go into the dresser right there. I just keep my 'go to meetin' clothes upstairs.
Congrats on expanding the writing career. It's a fun thing to do isn't it. I want to thank you for stopping by on a regualar basis at the M.P.
Sorry about no kissy face on the
None here either. :)