Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy birthday mama

Our dear beautiful mother celebrated her 70th birthday in style. Mom planned her own party – and occasionally I’d have a guilty twinge that we kids didn’t do the planning, but Mom has such a great style and sense of what she had a mind that I knew we couldn’t do it better. How’s that for making myself not seem like a terrible daughter?

Mom’s party was at Meridian Hills County Club and was perfect. How can you go wrong with a party that features birthday cake and Champaign and music?

Mom gathered a wonderful group of friends and family. Molly and John read a cute thing they wrote spelling out GRANDMA. I can’t remember any of the phrases they used except for the “A”s. Artist and Absolutely Perfect. I love that the grandchildren see the artistic side of Mom. I think as children we didn’t celebrate that side of her enough.

My toast to Mom centered around the theme of celebration. Mom did such a great job making everything special. I can remember every single birthday I’ve had. Mom made every single one of them special, whether I was with her or not.

Here is a perfect example of Mom’s young heart – she had us all do the Hokey Pokey at her party. It’s hard not to giggle when you’re shaking it all about.

Happy birthday Mom. I love you!

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Granny Annie said...

Like mother, like daughter.