Monday, January 25, 2010


Colts vs. Jets
Colts win!


I think I lead a charmed life. I try to balance that with lots of hard work and guilt. But this is a perfect example of falling into fun.

My friend NYC John sent me a text: I’m on the plane next to a guy with Colts tickets for sale. Would you like to go?
My reply: Yes!

Details be damned. The fact that my dear mother’s birthday party was at the same time. We’ll make it work.

John got a little dose of family pre-party craziness. Buy flowers, don’t buy flowers. Buy balloons, don’t buy balloons. We finally made it to the country club and I introduced him to brother J.R. and cousin Jim. Off they went to tail gate for the game. I sent my famous salsa, Colts blue corn chips and foam finger – the only piece of Colts gear I own.

John, J.R. and Jim

An hour into the party I got a call from J.R. The folks in the seats next to him scored suite passes so the seats were open. John and I upgraded from section 635 – about three stories up – to row twenty-something from the field.

I had a wonderful time at the party and watched the kickoff at the club.

I was one of a handful of people with out Colts or Jets gear. And possibly the only one wearing a dress. 

I raced downtown (and when I say raced, I drove at a sensible speed) to Lucas Oil Stadium. J.R. parks at the Hurst Bean Lot and gave me his pass from the week before. I was able to park just yards from the stadium and stroll on in (after the metal detector and purse search of course).

The seats were awesome. So good that I kept getting distracted. Whoa -there’s someone wearing a sparkly wig. Lookie - football. Hey- jumbotron!

The game was a blast!

The rock band Foreigner played at half-time. Here is the review I wrote:
I was impressed by the logistics of getting the stage with classic rockers Foreigner perched on top out to the middle of the football field to fire out two songs and back to the sidelines in the twelve minute half-time break with no one breaking a hip.

Foreigner played Feels Like the First Time and Hot Blooded to tens of thousands of air-guitar playing, face painted, Colts jersey-wearing guys. I know the running audio must be crazy to get the sound three stories up to the cheap seats but I think they did a decent job with the audio. It looked and sounded like drummer Brian Tichy (Billy Idol and Ozzy Osbourne) was playing live. It was hard to tell with the other guys. Between front man Kelly Hansons mic stand waving and dramatic gestures and bassists Jeff Pilson’s (Dokken) wavy locks I forgot to play attention to their vocals and instruments.

Foreigner was a good band to warm us up for the main show – Super Bowl XLIV half-time entertainment The Who.

What a fun day! Thanks NYC John and Brother John Roman!

And on a side note, I took one of the best naps ever when I got some from the game. I can’t remember sleeping that well in years.

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