Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hello....anyone still out there?

I don't blame you if you're gone, really. I could type pages about what I've been up to and such, but I don't have the energy to write it and it wouldn't be that interesting to read. 

Overall life is good, if not still out of whack. 

The breaking news: I'm in Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival. When I found out that I had a media pass I bragged to exactly one person and you can guess what media pass. The music editor had committed the pass to two people. In the end it all got straitened out, ACFL took pity on the situation and issued me one also. 

Ironically, Aaron, who lives in Austin, is not in town. The selfish ba*tard is working in a kitchen that feeds hurricane relief workers. Everyone has an opinion on whether Aaron not being is good or bad. It does feel weird to be here and not see him. 

My sweet cousin Sheila and her family are letting me stay at their place. Which is beautiful and amazing. I think the bedroom/bathroom/dressing room I'm staying in is bigger than my house. And there is a pool in the backyard. 

Uncle Bruce fixed dinner for us. Grilled steaks (we're in Texas, ya know), baked potatoes and salad. I'm suspending Weight Watchers (lost 15 pounds so far!) for this trip. 

Off to bed. A very nice bed, I might add....

Oh, I'll be blogging about the festival for NUVO. You can read the posts here.


Jerry said...

Woo hoo! I'm in Texas too! Houston, that is!

See you when we both get back.

Cliff said...

It's really good to hear of your survival. I was worried.
I'll bet you look skinny. Better slow up there missy. Stop by some time. I'm still in the same blog.
Thanks for the invite. I hope it was a blast.

Rachel said...

Glad to see you are alive and well! I'm sure you have been as busy as 2 or 3 bees with the way you go all the time! Have fun in Austin!

Congratulations on the 15 lbs. gone!

Kim said...

Yee HAW! When can we expect to see a pic of your cowboy-booted feetsies?

Be sure an drink a Lone Star for Wayne!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

ROCK ON!!! You're so jet set.