Sunday, September 28, 2008

austin city limits festival, day two

More blogging from ACLF here.
I'm enjoying hanging out with my Uncle Bruce. I met him at 7:30 Mass this morning, had a doughnut with his church friends and visited Aunt Bernadine's grave.
I hate to throw in the towel, but I'm going to nap before I head back to the festival.


Cliff said...

"My last Red Bull and vodka."
That had me chuckling Dear Nora and I'll admit that's probably a good idea.
I would have had to stay and listen to miss Krause and caught up with you later.

Janell said...

I would probably be posting more comments here but I can't get over how JEALOUS I am that you got a press pass to ACLF.

I once had a press pass to a Garth Brooks press conference and sat across the table from him. It was way cool.

Granny Annie said...

How does it feel to know the rest of us sit in envy of your exciting life?

Elizabeth McQuern said...


And I gave them to my roommate, who wears the crap out of them.

Pink Chucks are like a force of nature.