Wednesday, May 07, 2008

you never know how the day will end

Nora and Evan Dando
Click here to watch Evan singing Being Around


Kirsten said...

I was almost in that picture with you. Darn morning trainings, making me go to bed early! But mostly, I missed hanging out with Vess. Oh, and you, by surprise, too!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Wow! There's a wedding ring on his hand, are you married to Evan Dando now? :)

If I ever saw him it would be really hard not to walk up to him and go "I want a bit part in your life...a walk-on would be fine. I want a bit part in your life...(a bit part in your life)..."

Actually, all kidding aside, one of his songs is so plain and pretty that it tends to pop into my head when I'm nervous, like right before I go on stage. It's "Frank Mills," you may know the one I mean.

Ralph said...

Trying to get caught up on reading again. I just read "primary election day" and just about laughed my . . . 'shoulders' off. That was great.