Thursday, March 27, 2008

a wee bit of ireland

I had my computer over the weekend. It was enough time to write my column and plug in to the Newsstand's DSL line to extract some photographs. Hopefully I'll get full custody by tomorrow.

You can read about the musical portion of the trip here: click.

You can see photographs of street musicians here: click.

Work as been tough, and I made the commitment to myself to not noodle around on the computer during the work day. We'll call the the five minutes I spent writing this my union break (learned that from Dad).

Crabbydad update: all tests were negative. Woo Hoo!

1 comment:

Jamie Dawn said...

I really enjoyed those street musician pics.
That mime guy looks neato!
What fun it must have been to be there and listen to them. Courtney and I listened to some street bands when we were in Japan awhile back. That was so much fun.
Thanks for this wee peek into your trip.