Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi, My name is Nora and I'm addicted to my iBook.

Denial, prayers, weeping and ignoring the problem didn't work. The computer did not make a miraculous recovery. I dropped it off yesterday at the place that Heck of a Gal and my sister recommended.

I felt good when I walked in to the shop. Of course, how can you not cheer up surrounded by all of the Apple-y goodness? The official Apple store at the mall has a frentic hipness that makes me a little nervous.

The owner of the shop peeked under the keyboard and said he'd need to take it apart (the airport the model of my G4iBook is built in) and he could look at it on Monday. Great, I took my copy of the reciept and headed out the door.

Then my little brain started screaming "it's Thursday, Thursday- get it? Thursday! You'll be without the computer all weekend. Take it with you, take it with you. Bring it back on Monday."

The shop owner could read my mind- or maybe I was actually muttering out loud. He asked if I wanted to bring it back on Monday. "No, thanks. I'll be okay."

Seriously, I'll be okay, right?

On happier notes:

The Golden Glove matches started last night.

The bathroom is done! I was able to take a shower this morning. And wash my hair for the first time since I was in Northern Ireland. The kitchen sink bathing was getting a little old.


Cliff said...

Ahhh yes. The fights. I remember now that you're a big fan of amatuers trying to knock each other out.
"I've got this great date for you. She a writer, takes in food others don't want, She's a waitress, a bar maid, a chef, a clothing sales person,she regularly gives speeches, is a world traveler, is at every party that include the A list in Indy... AND on top of all of that, she loves boxing. And she's been known to drink a beer on the way to work."
Indeed the perfect woman. Nora, what did I forget???

nora said... girl and minor league baseball fan.
woo hoo

Rachel said...

Hi Nora. I'm just catching up on reading your posts. The Ireland trip sounds like it was wonderful!!

I'm glad you got the bathroom fixed. Having to take birdbaths is not the same as a good shower in my opinion!!

I hope you get the laptop back and it's better than ever!

Ralph said...

So if he can't get to until Monday - why did you leave it?
Like Rachel, I am getting got caught up and your trip does sound like it wa sfun. You will write more about it - right?

nora said...

Cliff, the more I read your list, the creepier I sound.

I will continue with the Ireland updates. The notes I took and the photographs are on my computer.

I left the computer for a couple of reasons.
#1-I was trying to be an adult about the whole thing.
#2-I was hoping he'd get too it a little sooner.
#3-I'm working a ton this weekend. I covered a music event last night until 2:00, back at work at Second Helpings from 8:00-1:30, dropping off folding chairs for a house concert and working at the Red Key tonight until 2:00. I work at Marigold on Sunday from 11:00-5:30 then I'm covering the house concert that evening. My hope is that I'll squeeze in more sleep or unpacking.
#4- I have the iPhone, ace-in-the-hole internet access if I go too nuts.

The real test will be when the repair man tells me how much/how long to repair.

Multifuncional said...
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Ralph said...

Okay this is where I draw the line. You respond to Cliff that you left your computer because you were trying to be an adult about the whole thing. What a crock!! Being an adult is highly over rated and is not that much fun. Trust me. I have heard it from a lot people.
Get your computer back we need Ireland.

Janell said...

I am so sorry to hear of your tree disaster. I think the answer to "Did it make a sound" is 'No. Not until someone was home to cuss about it.'
Welcome back to the US.
We used to call those sink bathing adventures "spit baths."

Jerry said...

People always ask how I can stand not having cable or a satellite dish. Not a problem. But a weekend without internet access? Oooh. Now that would be tough.

You're a trooper, Nora!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm glad you're home safe and sound.
Sink bathing.... GAG me!!

Teresa said...

You poor thing. I hope all gets back to normal soon. I am proud of you for dropping off the computer. Getting unplugged once in awhile is good.

Granny Annie said...

Bless your heart. We are lost when our computer crashes but at least it is still here and we can caress it until it's up and running again. You're very brave to leave you iBook.

Ron has had to leave his backhoe in the repair shop and it has already taken several weeks. Talk about withdrawal! It is like extra arms and legs for him.

Glad you are back and eager to hear more about Ireland.

Ralph said...

Tell me you have gotten your computer back. Lie if you have to.

Tee said...

I don't have anything as sweet as an iBook, but I feel like an addict coming off drugs if I don't have my laptop.

Happy Easter!