Monday, February 12, 2007


Indianapolis is supposed to get socked with a big ice/snow storm tonight.

Second Helpings made the decision this afternoon to close tomorrow.
That gave us plenty of time to notify the agencies we serve and get them extra food.

This allows me an extra day to get ready for my party.
I should be overjoyed…and I am---almost.

I have no internet access at home.
My neighbors cat knocked over the router, and it's dead.
The router, not the cat.
Not my decision.

Can I go a whole day with out checking e-mail or blogs?

Right now I’m hunkered down in my truck parked in front of the newsstand.
If the roads are crappy tomorrow (as promised) I won’t be able to drive here.

I guess I’ll have to finish getting ready for the party.

Or take a walk to the newsstand.

Stay warm.


Cliff Morrow said...

When ever you talk of leaning against a restaurant window or at the newstand using the net, I always get this very subversive vision of you. Like something out of the tv show 24. I haven't received my invite to the party yet. But nevermind now. We're getting the storm first. Right now as a matter of fact.

nora said...

It's in the mail.
I swear!