Tuesday, February 06, 2007

chez pez on tour

woo hoo...nora got a camera, nora got a camera....

I was honored to be invited to display some of my PEZ collection at the Irvington branch of the Indianapolis Library in January.
I included a lot of history and fun PEZ facts. It was very well received: the Central (Main) Library has asked me to show them in March.
Two of my favorite things, PEZ and the library.
Life is good.

When I was setting up the display I met a young girl and her mother. O. is a budding PEZ collector.
She left her telephone number for me with a librarian, but I felt weird calling her. It's pretty sad that a 45 year-old woman should feel strange calling an 8 year-old. When I took down the display I left O. a bag of goodies. PEZ, books and copies of research I've done with my phone number. I decided it would be better if O. contacted me.
O. sent me a nice thank you card today with some PEZ questions. I think this will be a fun friendship.

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Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by and playing the Change One Letter game. It's kind of addicting.

A Pez collection is a great thing!
I love the Pez candies that go in them.
I've seen different Pez characters at the Dollar Store. You never know, you might find a really unique one there someday! (I doubt it, though.)