Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cold turkey from blogging?

No, but I'm a cold turkey.

I walked to the newsstand. It's only about half a mile from my house, but felt longer in the wind and sleet.
I took a photo of myself all bundled up to post here, but forgot to bring the cord to transfer it to my computer--and I ain't going back.
Of course I've done nothing but nap and read all day.
And I might have eaten some cookies.


Cliff Morrow said...

C'mon, hand over the cookies.
I must see the pic one day.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

The comment you left over at Jerry's blog successfully made me spit coffee all over the keyboard and table a few minutes ago!
Please let me know what you think about the books. I am currently working on the '06 edition. It's fun but somewhat challenging on the technology side of things.
If it's alright I have got to add you to my links.

Tee said...

Ack! Craziness :p It is so cold out here, too.

I want to see the bundled up pic! LOL.

Teresa said...

It is supposed to be in the 50s by Saturday!