Monday, January 06, 2014


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I'm still close enough to my days of living paycheck to paycheck and juggling utility bills that my first thought when the power goes off is that I forgot to pay the bill. I immediately run to the window to look down the street to see if any of my neighbors have lights. 

While my lights were only out for about eight hours on my side of the street, they still don't have power across the street and a good chunk of the neighborhood. 

It feels like I'm bragging by turning on the porch lights. Hey, lookie over here! I have lights, and heat, and water and you don't! Nannie nannie boo boo! 

After yesterday's storm the temperatures crashed to below zero and the frigid air was starting to take its toll on fingers and toes and water pipes and people's nerves.

I was grateful to be able to open my door for cell phone charging and toe warming.  I met folks I'd never seen before and was glad that old friends walked over.

In fact I've got a neighbor sleeping on my sofa tonight. I'm pretty confident of his first name, but I don't know is last. Nothing weird about that, right?

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