Tuesday, January 07, 2014

blessedly alone

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Okay. I feel like a bit of a jerk, but I'm craving some time alone. 

Between the neighbor (who's last name I still don't know) being at my house for the last two days and will be sleeping on my sofa again night and the harrowing drives to work and the constant decision making about the weather and such, I am frazzled. 

The only option for being at home alone involves my basement, which is pretty damn chilly with the -15 degree weather and all.

Sweetie got a service call to fix a leak at a neighborhood bar. When I asked to go along I think he assumed I was going to help and hold wrenches and stuff.

We walked in the back door and I hightailed it to the bar, tossing him the tools I was holding as I ran. 

The glow you see in my delicious Vanilla Porter is my Kindle downloaded with the latest Janet Evanovich novel. 

This feels like a mini vacation!

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