Friday, January 10, 2014


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This is a small portion of Jerry's conference room wall. 

Jerry is a great Second Helpings board member, volunteer, employer of our graduates, and larger-then life personality. 

You can't help but giggle when he yells "Spitznogle" in a meeting. 

Do you have an 'isms' or a motto? 

I have 'Don't Let Logistics Get in the Way of a Good Idea' on my office wall. 

I also try to come up with a motto for the year. 

2012 was It's Not About You Sunshine. I've always known that the world doesn't revolve around me, but I used to think that every interaction I had was about me. I would take it personally if someone didn't use their turn signal or if a cashier looked frustrated. I knew that people didn't wake up each day plotting about how they could piss me off, but I needed to wrap my head around it. 

2013 was Graceful Conclusions. I worked on not getting too worked up about things before they actually happened. I tended to worry about every possible negative outcome of any possible situation. Often things have a graceful conclusion - no reason to be a jerk or get in people's business.

I've finally settled on Trust the Process for 2014. I'm going to work on not micro-managing everything. Even if I didn't articulate my concerns, I was certainly rearranging things in my head.

I'll keep you posted.

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