Friday, August 03, 2012

indiana state fair 2012 - day one, part two

The big name concerts for the Indiana State Fair have moved to Bakers Life Fieldhouse for the next year or so until the Coliseum is renovated.

Yes, Barry's doing a naughty move. 

I was lucky enough to get a photo credentials for the Barry Manilow show. I’m not fortunate enough to have the proper lens from shooting so far away.

I don’t know that I’d ever describe myself as a Barry Manilow fan, but I am the right age to be able to sing along to every one of his songs. And the crowd was full of woman my age – my people, as it were. I saw several groups of mothers and daughters.

I wasn’t able to get any great shots, but I did get to soak up the excitement in the audience. I’d been telling people all day that Barry Manilow was the Justin Beiber of my generation, a fact that Barry himself pointed out.

I loved his blue jacket. Seriously. 

As is the general rule-of-thumb the photographers get to shoot the first three songs. In this case we were behind the seated audience, near the soundboard. I don’t have enough lens to shoot from that far away.

After we got hustled off the floor I called Jerry A., the chairman of the Second Helpings board and director of operations for the foodservice company that runs the Fieldhouse. Jerry whisked me up to a suite! Wheee! As it happened there were two women that I knew there and Jerry’s beautiful wife and awesome daughter were there too.

It was fun to enjoy the rest of the show and sing along unabashedly. As it turns out, I knew all of the words.  And I can’t believe that I just admitted that in print. I guess I’m a Fanilow after all. 

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Cliff said...

Yes, knowing all the words makes you a fan. At least of the radio.