Sunday, August 05, 2012

indiana state fair 2012 - day three

Second Helpings had a table at the Fair as part of Elanco’s Hunger Relief Day. 

My first goal for the day was to get the display materials to the table by 9:30. Typically an easy task but the scary early-morning storms that passed through the neighborhood had knocked down trees and my power was out. I had a hard time just making it to the Fairgrounds.

Once that was done I decided on an Elephant Ear for breakfast – after all I had no power at home….

I swung by Pioneer Village to check on everyone. Most of the folks that take part in the activities sleep on the Fairgrounds, above one of the barns, I think. I’ve never heard exactly where they bunk – I have a feeling that they might thinking I’m stalking them anyway. I don’t want to freak them out by asking where they sleep. Anyway, they were all fine, and except for some downed branches the Fairgrounds were unscathed.

I got there just in time to see a demonstration on shaving benches – sort of a combination of vice and workbench. Dick Reel did a great job of explaining how they are used and how to make them, with a few groaner jokes thrown in - something about not using it properly and now having a half brother (or two). 

I went home for a few hours to write and submit an article. Difficult without electricity – I should have stayed in Pioneer Village – more amenities then home!

Dad and I met at the Fairgrounds around suppertime. We took our traditional look at the woodworking in the 4-H Building. Dad likes to look at the types of wood, the finishes, and design. I like to count how many kids made gun cabinets and gun racks. We also thoroughly examine the cakes and home furnishing projects. Next stop was the Home and Family Arts Building to look at the project there. I especially enjoyed showing Dad the twig plant stand that came from his side of the family.

It was time for my volunteer shift at the Second Helpings table. Dad gathered a wonderful feast or us of pork chop sandwiches and spiral cut potato chips.

Another fabulous day at the Fair. Going home to no power, not so great. 

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Cliff said...

Yep, your Dad can gather supper for me anytime.