Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'm throughly relaxed. Seven days in the sunshine, hanging with the kiddos, reading, pedicures and going to bed early and waking up late will do that.

We went to the tree lighting and fireworks on Captiva beach Friday night. It was small town fun - it felt a little like July Fourth in Tekemah. We were joined by long-time Indiana friends, the Houston's. You might recognize Scott as The Piano Guy  from his public television series. The unexpected part of the evening was getting 'felt-up' by Santa! This photo was taken just after both of his hands were firmly on second base. You can see me pushing Santa's hand away with my right hand. Unfortunately, thats the closest I've come to having a date in years.

You can find more vacation photos here.

I left J.R. and Anna and the kids at the airport this morning and spent the day reading, downloading photos, watching Lifetime channel movies and swimming at my usual extra-day hotel spot. And I'm wearing the same pajamas I was in that post, if you're keeping score.

I know I've turned in to an interment blogger. Its a vicious circle - I don't blog for a week, then I start feeling guilty, then I feel like I need to write something spectacular and then I don't write. I also believe that if I don't have something nice to say, don't write it down - so that explains some of my silence. Nothing tragic. Work has turned in to a job, not as fun for me as it used to be. It's still an amazing organization and I believe with all of my heart that I belong there and I'm doing a good job. And I'm trying not to let work consume me.

So here's to next year - and having more of a romantic life than a frisky Santa.


Rachel said...

Ahhh...sounds like it describes your vacation very well!

It sure is nice to get away and relax at times!

Looks like you brought out the tiger in Santa and made him feel a bit frisky!!

Granny Annie said...

Santa could not resist because you are such a cute doll baby! Take the blame girl:)

Cliff said...

I'll be chuckling about you closest thing to a dat line all day. Thanks!
I guess that must be why I quit doing Santa gigs. I wasn't doing it right.

Teresa said...

Santa needs some time with Mrs. Claus apparently. :)
Your outfit is so dang cute. Glad you had such an awesome time.