Sunday, November 22, 2009

the future

Hello! I'm flying on a jet plane - as I type! Air Tran has onboard WiFi available. I feel like I'm flying in to the future.

Sorry I've been gone so long. I realized that I use blog writing as my reward for being caught up on other writing projects. As you can tell from my long absence, I'm never caught up! I'm going to try to get out of that habit. I enjoy the blogging and I think it helps me be a better writer.

I'm exhausted and should be catching a cat nap on my way to Sanibel, but the lure of blogging in air was too much to resist. And I'm spending a lot of time on this flight entertaining the kiddo behind me and helping the elderly folks next to me maneuver their seat belts, arm rests and pretzel bag.

Here's to sunshine and dipping my toes in the sand!


Rachel said...

Flying and blogging at the same time!! Gotta love technology!!

How wonderful that you are in Sanibel by now soaking up the sun and walking in the sand!! Enjoy!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

I'll bet the folks flying with you were glad to have a sweet person like you along to entertain and help out!!

Granny Annie said...

I would be afraid you would bring down the plane by connecting to the internet. Wasn't that a "no-no" at one time.

Here's hoping you do return to blogging. I see you on facebook but for some reason I can't follow my friends and family very well on FB.