Saturday, November 25, 2006

gone fishin'

Click on the three dots above for a little bit about me. Scroll down and ignore the photograph. I swear that’s not me. Okay, it is me. Me with just two hours sleep (it was taken the day after I got back from Phoenix), squinting in the sun, wearing not one, but two very unflattering sweaters and surprised by the photographer. The photo session was scheduled for the next Monday and she arrived Friday.

Anyway, it is an honor to be included in such a great group of community volunteers.

I’m enjoying this morning of hanging out with my niece and nephew. Cartoons sure have changed!

Sanibel (French for very clean bell) is beautiful. We ate at a fun restaurant last night, The Bubble Room. It is chock full of memorabilia and old toys. The tables were glass topped and stuffed with old Cracker Jack prizes, board game pieces and plastic toys. There were big animated displays of Santa’s workshop and bears. I think it might have been a little lost on the kiddies.

The weather is amazing. We’re going fishing today. I have three articles that are due by Monday morning. I thought it would be easy to whip out some quick work in the fabulous place. Instead of writing I spent two hours staring at the water. Time well spent for the soul.


Tee said...

The Bubble Room sounds cool! ... Did you catch anything when you went fishing?

Tee said...

BTW - You should be so proud of your appearance in that news article. You're really amazing.