Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm never going home

It has been a fabulous day. I dropped my brother and his family off at the airport, took command of the Town and Country mini-van (stow AND go!) and headed to Ft. Myers Beach.

The only glitch in the day was when I checked in to the hotel I’d booked on-line. It is a well-known chain with a midrange price point. I’d stayed in one on the way down here. I checked in and gave them my credit card. The guy at the desk gave me my room “key,” one of those plastic cards. He blew on the little envelope to slide the card in. Ugggh. I’m not a germaphobe, but blowing on stuff freaks me out. Have you ever been to deli or something when the employee blows in the bag to open it up? You might as well spit on my doughnut. I drove around to my room (did I mention the mini-van?) and got a really creepy feeling. It was so strong that I went back to the desk and checked myself out. A big bold move for me. I’m famous for not wanting to rock the boat and putting up with what ever is handed to me. I’ve only returned my food once and would never ask to change tables or try to return something after the date printed on the receipt. I high tailed it out of there and checked in to a slightly nicer hotel. Which turned out to be way nicer.

I spent the day swimming, reading, writing and sitting in the hot tub. And surfing eBay to replace the sunglasses I lost on the drive here. I wish they had been my shades. JH give me a pair of his to wear while I was driving and they disappeared. I stopped at a sunglasses outlet store today and was stunned about how much they cost. Damn boys and their toys. Now that I know how much they cost I really feel like I need to replace them.

I had dinner with an old Indianapolis neighbor who now lives here. Her house is gorgeous and it was nice to catch up with her. Until tonight, I did not realize that her father had been president of Purdue University while I was there. I actually was part of several meetings with him. I hung out with a punk-rock band when I was in college. We ran for student body government and won. I’m sure the whole thing gave him fits. I promise an entry soon about those heady days.

It will be hard to head home tomorrow. This hotel is hiring. I wonder if they’d let me live in this room? It has more closet space than my house.

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