Wednesday, October 01, 2014

knock knock....anyone home?

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So. Here we are again.

It has been months since I posted.

There is something about October that makes me itchy to write. A few Octobers I managed to post all 31 days. Last year, I only made it six. If you care at all about my October Experiments you can click here. 

The particularly crappy photo above is of my home calendar. I'm going to be gone twice this month, Colorado for a work conference followed by some fun and Florida for a wedding. And for all of you shaking your heads that I'm announcing my vacation plans to the world, someone will be staying at my house. A big burly someone. Other than the trips, it looks like the most exciting thing I'm doing is feeding the neighbor's cat, Lamont.

I'm going to try to write more this month, without holding myself to the impossible standard of posting each day.

That would just be silly. 

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susiek said...

Have you ever seen Martha Stewart's calendar in her magazine every month? Your calendar reminds me of that - kinda! :)