Saturday, October 05, 2013

weddings and raindrops

Celebrating with the father of the bride - Cousin Jeff

Dad and I headed to Cass County (where he grew up) to attend the wedding of his great-niece Courtney. The ceremony and reception were held in the middle of a beautiful field on Cousin Jeff's property. 

The weather did not cooperate. At all. Buckets of rain fell hard and quick. 

That didn't stop the celebrating- and the Spitznogle's know how to party, no matter what the weather.

The guests were all instructed to wear boots, even before they knew the forecast. I was glad there was straw readily available to sprinkle on the puddles.

I cleverly also brought my rain boots with me. I not so cleverly left them in the bed of the truck. They turned into a giant rain gauge before I could retrieve them.

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