Friday, April 29, 2011

nora at twenty-two

Ann Herr and Nora

Ann's husband and my college boyfriend were boyhood friends and another one of their friends got married in Iowa. Got it? 

The trip was fun and I really remember the feeling that washed over me that weekend -- that  Ann and I were lifelong friends and always would be. It felt like a new grown-up phase -- a new level of best-friendness. 

I loved that pink dress, but I remember people teasing me about it. It was appropriate for the late 80s, but not so much in our buttoned up preppy crowd. I've allowed myself one plastic tub of nostalgic clothes, and that dress is in there. 


Cliff said...

Good lifelong friendships are rare and you are fortunate to have one. Being able to take up right where you left off the last time you spoke is great. Even if it's been two years. I like the dress. But I have a tendency to not notice clothes but the person inside.

Anonymous said...

Look at you all 80's and so cute!!!
I loved my 80's clothes! I remember one outfit in particular that I absolutely loved wearing. You were smart to keep that dress. It is terrific that you and Ann are such longtime friends.