Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nora at five

I'm not sure where this photograph was taken. And yes, I'm eating a sandwich. I wish I could tell what J.R. was holding.  I rocked a pixie hair cut for most of my childhood, so it is fun to see my little self with longer hair. 

I found this in a photograph album that Dad's cousin, Rosemary let me take photos from.  The album belonged to my Great-Aunt Mamie (Grandma Nora's sister). Aunt Mamie was lovely. She was a tiny woman -- I have a couple of her great coats from the 1920's. I assume they must have been long on her, or maybe she was taller as a young woman.

She kept albums full of photographs - one was filled with each cousin's graduation photo. Another of baby pictures and others with pictures like this. 

Mom's writing on the back: Nora -5, Beth - 4 on New Years Eve, John - 3 in February. 
I forgot there was ever a time that J.R. was called John. 

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Cliff said...

a great farm photo.