Saturday, February 05, 2011

icepolocypse 2011 day 5

It was very important that I get the car unstuck today. Because it was very important that I be sitting in this chair, reading a magazine and getting my hair cut (and let's be honest, some color too).

At first I thought I could walk to the appointment. It was only a mile away, a mere ten blocks. Ha! Not on this ice. Not even with the potato fork.

Friends to the rescue! As much as I like to think I can do everything myself, pushing the car out is a team effort.

Don used a pick axe around my tires. I tried not to micro-manage, but an axe, near my tires. Really? Trust, it's all about trust.

Scott shoveled and pushed. 

I might have given this helpful message the finger. 

In the end, we freed the car. Don drove and I joined Scott pushing and it popped right out. I was able to guide the car down the icy hill without hitting the vehicle parked on the street across from the driveway. 

And I got a kick-ass new haircut. 

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Granny Annie said...

During our "icepolocypse" the radio broadcasters continued to warn not to go out unless we absolutely had to. Hum, I wonder if a hair appointment would qualify to most people? I know it would to me:) Did the guys helping you dig out know where you were going or did you fake an emergency? Glad your car can alert you to low traction or you might not have noticed...