Friday, February 19, 2010

fat tuesday

Out of steam.
Worn Out.

I was so tired when I got home from work that I literally didn't get farther than the sofa - the last seven days (Bahamas, work, work, work, column due, waitressing shift the night before the party, intense cleaning, party, work the next day and bowling) tuckered me out.

Brother J.R. called to see if I wanted to do something Fat Tuesday-ish and I barely had the strength to text him back to count me out. After a nice four-hour nap in my work clothes and a flurry of text messages from a couple of friends, Novella picked me up for Yat's Fat Tuesday party.

I did nothing more than brush my teeth. Didn't change out of the work/nap/wrinkled clothes, didn't brush my hair, didn't put on earrings, didn't put on makeup. The only think I added to this fabulous ensemble was my big puffy down coat and Dansko shoes.  Because the coats adds a good ten pounds and is always a good indoor party look, and hey, clunky shoes just screams 'party!'

So who do you think got quoted in the Indianapolis Star's Talk of our Town column? Yep. Thanks to Cathy Kightlinger for making me sound good and for the photo credit. And double thanks to Novella for getting my bum off the sofa. J.R. - next time I say I'm not going out, don't believe me.

Read the full thing (and see my photo credit) by clicking here. I've copied the text below (and yes my name was in bold - hee hee). And there was a photo of my smiling face next to my quote in the paper copy.

by Cathy Kightlinger
If Yats owners Joe and Gina Vuskovich locked the doors of their College Avenue restaurant after hours one Fat Tuesday, the annual holiday of food and drink would still come and go.

But the pre-Lenten funfest wouldn't seem the same to the neighbors who live near 54th Street and College Avenue, as they are accustomed to a yearly after-hours Fat Tuesday party the couple host.

It's a free event that gets started when the New Orleans-inspired Yats closes its doors about 9 p.m. on Fat Tuesdays. Anyone who hears about it and shows up is treated to free food, drinks and music -- an event that makes Joe, who is from New Orleans, feel at home when his native land is celebrating Mardi Gras.

"Originally it was just a thank you to the neighborhood community for supporting us and embracing our concept," Gina said.

Now, though, the area's residents have come to expect the party.

"I can't think of a better neighborhood host than Joe Vuskovich," said area resident Nora Spitznogle. "Yats' Fat Tuesday celebration is the perfect time to soak in the goodness and generosity that is Joe and the neighborhood."

This year, jambalaya and hurricanes (New Orleans-style cocktails) were on the menu Tuesday, and Rusty Redenbacher, of the Mudkids, served as the event's DJ. Gina handed out Mardi Gras beads. And the party went on until the wee hours on Ash Wednesday.

"People love beads," Gina said. "They get a huge kick out of it."


Granny Annie said...

You say she made you sound good. You don't mean she doctored your quote do you? It's all good.

nora said...

Annie - I mean that she was kind enough to let me e-mail the quote vs. the stammering thing I said when we talked.
And hello!

Cliff said...

Sounds like a great time and party. Don't ever slow down. Indy would slow down right with you.
I know what you mean. I always tell reporters I'll email a quote. It's safer that way. You can always give proof of what you said.

Rachel said...

Nora, you must take some powerful vitamins to go in the whirlwind pace that you go in!!

Looks like a very fun party!

Ralph said...

Nice article Nora. And yeah, I know that ca't get any farther than the sofa feeling.

easy said...

Necessity is the mother of invention...................................................

玉苓 said...
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