Wednesday, February 10, 2010

back from the bahamas

I had a lovely time in the Bahamas. I loved doing absolutely nothing but eating, laughing, drinking and reading in the sun.

I was so lazy that I actually had to talk myself into taking a walk on the beach and sticking my toes in the water. Who can be bothered with such things when the pool is right there?

The hotel was great. Tom traded us rooms so we had a suite. Much better suited for four women. Our rooms had a great view of the ocean and three separate balconies. I meant to sleep on the balcony one night but there were no extra blankets. The overnight temperatures were in the mid-sixties. Which is warmer than my bedroom at home.   Our palace included two bedrooms, three beds, three televisions and three bathrooms. Not that we did much in the room besides sleep and shower.

Despite the on-air speculation we were all pretty damn boring although I was giving some lessons on flirting, I'm not sure that they took. I promise to keep practicing.

Gambling is legal in the Bahamas so of course I had to bet on every silly thing I could - who would score the first touchdown, would the winning teams final score be even or odd, what color underwear would Peyton Manning wear....of course, our Colts lost. And I was disappointed, but it's hard to be mad at New Orleans and Drew Brees is a Purdue graduate. Watching the game with the whole group was fun.

At half-time the crew took photos with all of the trip winners and the rest of us. I bought a point and shoot camera with some of my trip money so I could hand it to anyone and get a decent photo. Most photos of me taken with my fancy camera show me pointing at the lens mouthing, 'no, push that button.'

I learned that not everyone can 'point and shoot.'

Here is our group photo - the three of us with the comedians and the B and T crew. I'm the one holding the foam finger.

We stopped for lunch at Compass Point on the way to the airport. Here is a shot of the whole group - I'm in the back row, second from the right.

You can see more photos of the trip here. And on my facebook page here.

I got back to reality last night when Dad picked me up from the airport. Snow, snow and more snow.

I did have to laugh when I got in the truck. Remember Dad's homemade console in the new truck? He added on to it! The console now has a fancy addition.

The holes in the top were too awkward for him to reach his diet Pepsi in the new truck so he built a new holder and attached it to the front.

It's good to be home


Jerry in Indiana said...

I'm so jealous of your trip. I could really get into that.

Glad you're home though. See ya Sunday!

Cliff said...

I'm jealous of the trip but am sure glad you got to go. The view on the inside of the room is not bad either, that is if that's where the pick of you gals was taken.
Sorry about your Colts. I feel the same as you.
I'm at a conference and won't be home till Friday. See ya later.

Granny Annie said...

Here most of us are sitting in our homes surrounded by cold, rain,snow and ice and getting to enjoy your brief reprieve from this kind of weather. I would be jealous but I'm too happy for you and all the fun you had. This give us the opportunity live vicariously through you once again.

Ralph said...

Sounds like your trip was really a lot of fun.
Love your dads me console.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

I too am very JEALOUS !
I need to hang with you more. Glad to hear that you had a great time. I hope to bring my FIL down to the Red Key this summer, not to far from Normal.