Friday, July 18, 2008

random blogstock thoughts

I'm starting to wonder how Cliff and Ralph get through the day without each other. 

Thank goodness for Desiree. 


Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

He's got to love me now ... Right ?

Janell said...

FUN pictures here and a great report on Blogstock 08. It was so wonderful meeting everyone. It was funny when you siad you "sabotaged yourself" by staying up too late the night before a trip. I do that all time. I tried not to once and couldn't get to sleep anyway.

Cliff said...

Ahh, you're right. We visit about every other day on the phone to exchange 'ideas.'
We were both so sore from throwing bales we could hardly bend over to tie shoes.

Rachel said...

Great pictures Nora! Desiree worked hard and I have to agree with her comment that Ralph has to love her now!! HaHa!!

Doesn't Cliff look great with the bib on! Ahhh.......

Jamie Dawn said...

Cliff & Ralph do make a great team, and it is good that they can assist one another with daily tasks.
Desiree has a servants heart. Bless her!!


I've been checking here to see when you'd post about Blogstock.
I'm still on a Blogstock high. The cherry jam is all gone though, and that makes me sad.

Ralph said...

Cliff and I have so much fun together it should be illegal, or at least a sin. He is a great guy, Marilyn is a Saint (without a doubt).
Now to that live well, laugh often person - the love was there the first time I met you and you you said you read all my books. It just increased when you became part of the family. So, get over over it and warm up that cup of coffee you are having me sip from.

Jamie Dawn said...

Ha, ha.
I took a few moments to scroll through your posts.
I've missed a lot of them!!
Now, I am kind of caught up.