Friday, July 11, 2008


I was trying to add someone to my sidebar of blogs and deleted the whole list. (I'm working on recreating it)

And my truck wouldn't start this morning. After spending a good chunk of money on it last week.

I'm ready to start the day over...I wonder how long it would take me to walk home?

That said, I have an amazing group of friends.

Bad Influence Girl swung by this morning to try to jump start it. She took me to work when the truck wouldn't start.

Hostel John is going to look at the truck this morning and might very well have the problem fixed by the time I get home.

It's not so bad, really.

[edit: The lovely Marcella gave me a ride home- yet again. When I got home I stuck the key in the ignition and it started right up. John replaced the battery while I was at work. I must have been a really good person in a previous life!]


Ralph said...

Good friends helped you out here. You have to hate days that start like that.

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm wondering if any cussing was involved when the truck didn't start??

Hey, no Blogstock report yet??
You and Jerry are both really slacking in the Blogstock Reporting Department.
Sorry to tell you this, but I spilled the beans about what you did there. I just couldn't keep it a secret.

What fun it was to meet you live and in the flesh!!
You are really just a nice as I knew you would be.
Your pretty, blue eyes and twinkling smile just completed the whole package of the Nora I already knew before I actually really knew her, in person that is. You know what I mean.

Live Well, Laugh Often & Love Much said...

Don't fell bad Nora I am slacking right along with you and Jerry in the Blogstock Report Department.

I would be willing to place the starting bid at $100 on if there was cussing when the truck did not start!

Rachel said...

Sorry about the bad start to your day Nora! I hope the truck turns out to be very simple and easily fixed! I always hate to try and use something, or start something, and it won't work. Arghhh!!

Teresa said...

Yeah for friends!!

Cliff said...

"I must have been a really good person in a previous life!]"
What do you mean? You're a really good person in this life.
One more problem with that old truck and I'd threaten to trade again unless she loses the 'tude.' And yes the one that won't cooperate surely is a female. :)

Jerry said...

Just remember, Nora. I have a jump start kit and jumper cables. We Wileys are always prepared for the breakdown.

There's always an engine somewhere that won't start. It's your turn today.

LZ Blogger said...

Nora ~ It was nice to meet you at BlogStock too! I look forward to seeing your post about it... that is should you ever get all your WORK done! ~ jb///

Janell said...

It's a royal pain when things don't work the way they are supposed to. On the other hand, days like this remind you of what great friends you have. You picked some good ones there.

Jim said...

Hi Nora! Glad you're back and posting again. It is hard to keep a good woman of the telephone or Internet!
I am glad I got meet you at Blogstock, wasn't that event nice!

Your truck. I like the Chevy HHR too, especially those cute fenders sticking out. It might be a 'girl HUV.'
I liked the half pickup, half Corvette, half convertible truck better but they quit making them.

My drive-to-work vehicle was an '87 Chevy S-10, it had over 300 thousand miles on it when I sold it to the garbage truck driver for $1000. Everything still worked fine, even the A/C.

What was wrong with yours that the mechanic had to fix? I think it will go for a long time still having so low milage.
[No comment here from me though on the little old (NOT) lady owner.]

Granny Annie said...

I must say that I am a tad bit worried about you. You were exhausted before you left for blogstock and you were having truck problems then. Now to return to more-of-the-same is cause for concern. Hopefully things are calming down and you are enjoying some quiet time. You give so much you deserve some TLC directed toward you. Hope that is happening.