Friday, August 31, 2007

month end wrap up

I cannot believe that I've only posted eight times this month. I've got several that I've started and not finished.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going with the blog. I am very mindful about what I put in print.

I really enjoy writing for the blog, so for a while I was using the blog as a way to punish for myself.
*No reading/writing/commenting until you've finished the Gazette/NUVO/MKNA newsletter piece.
*No blogging until the house is clean/fit-for-company/Christmas lights down.
*No Internet until the yard is mowed/weeded/garage cleaned.
*No writing for fun until the desk is clean/bills paid/thank you notes written.

All that accomplished was a messy house, an unbalanced check book and a very crabby Nora.

Also August was incredibly busy, both good and bad.
Here are some things that I did not get a chance to write about.

August 1
Fundraiser for the Mayor of Indianapolis
Again, I don't want this to be a political blog even though I consider myself very informed on local issues -- which means that I vote for the person not the party. The event was held in a neighborhood tavern and called "Beers for Bart." It was fun to be part of the rah-rah crowd for once.

August 2
Fundraiser for the Mayor of Indianapolis
This event was held in a downtown law firms swanky board room. The suggested donation was 20 times more than the event the night before. And I was there as "the help." Second Helpings has a catering program to further train our graduates. There was a snafu and I wound up bartending. Lesson learned: Its it pretty short trip from top of the heap to the bottom.

August 6
Poker with the guys
I used to be in a weekly poker game that fell apart about five years ago for many reasons. It was good to see everyone, laugh, lose some money and remind myself why that I don't want to play every week.

August 8-19
State Fair, State Fair, State Fair.
I attended the preview night and went to the Fair five more times. My friend Tammy calls it Fairapy. And she's right, you can't leave the Fair without feeling better than when you arrived (maybe not your tummy, but defiantly your spirit).

August 13
Funeral in Lafayette
The boy-I-should-have-married's dad died. My dad and I ran up to the funeral home. I really liked Greg's parents and they were a great example of what a marriage should be. Greg's mom said some lovely things to me. I was happy/sad to see Greg and the gang. I was feeling fairly emotional at the end of the evening. I'm not a hugger at all, but I attempted to hug Dad good night, I managed to poke him in the eye instead. He said "get on out of here if that is how you feel." I left the farm laughing.

August 15
Line Cooking and Board Meeting...later that night, David Cassidy
Line cooking is the student exercise where they set up a mock restaurant. I love it 'cause I get to expedite and play restaurant manager, but I'm exhausted at the end. Chased that with a board meeting.

August 17
Downtown Records in Lafayette
Back to Lafayette to write a NUVO piece about a cool all-ages punk venue. Arrive to signs in the window announcing the place was closing at the end of August. Saw three great bands (Dollyrots, Johnie3, The Peggy Sues) and took lots of great photographs. NUVO killed the story since the venue is closing.

August 18
Maura's gone to Oregon
Maura's going away party was amazing and sad. Ken and Becky's backyard was full of cheer and good wishes for Maura. Maura always jokes about the giant cookie going ways office parties. Of course I had a bake her a giant cookie.
I miss her already.

August 19
State Fair/Hayride at the Farm/Party at Linda's
Yep, you read that right. Hayride on a 90 degree August day. I started the day at the Fair and headed out to the farm. My dad, my brother and his family, my cousin Jim and his family and some neighbors picked tons of sweet corn, shucked, parboiled and cut it off of the cob for freezing. My timing was perfect. As I pulled in the driveway my brother was hosing off the picnic table signaling the end of work. Dad pulled out the hay wagon and fired up a tractor and off we went. Nothing better than a wagon load of kids laughing and wiggling around.
My college friend Linda started radiation treatments the next day. We ate an amazing dinner (yes, my third, for those of you who are keeping score) and toasted Linda's health.

August 21-28
AVS in town
The visit went well, I think we've figured out the whole friendship thing after four years. His old band played one night, and they sounded great. We also managed to have a dinner or two without me crying by a dumpster.

August 29
Funeral in Logansport
Jerry and I attended the viewing and rosary for fellow blogger Loner's father. I enjoyed meeting Loner, but I'm sorry it was under those circumstances. My dad went with us, he is from Logansport and knew a ton of people. Dad took us to dinner and we met up with cousin Cindy. Somehow that led to open-mic night at a tiny bar and me getting home at 1:00 in the morning.

In the midst of all of that fun I worked a ton, wrote a bunch and attended more board and committee meetings than one person ever should.
See you in September.


Jamie Dawn said...

Hey! I can leave a comment here now!!! You fixed the problem. I see you added a couple of new pics. That cookie looks gooooood!

Here's the comment I emailed you since it wouldn't post:

I just read your latest post, and it won't let me leave a comment for
some unknown, mysterious reason.
What a month you've had!!!
Funerals (so sorry about that) to poker to politics to the fair to a hay ride...
Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about your very busy life!!
My hubby and I just visited your NUVO link and your music website
link. Very cool!
I'm sure Sept will be just as busy for you. You don't seem to have an
OFF button.

Enjoy your weekend, Nora!

Cliff said...

Someday I want to grow up and be just like you.
I loved this post and the crying by a dumpster comment will get me in trouble in about two minutes. It's 12:46 AM and I'm going to bed. Marilyn's been asleep for about two hours. I'll think of that comment, chuckle and she'll mumlbe something like "whatzofunny" and then I'll blame you. And then You'll be the one in trouble. You ARE funny.
I loved the photo of you and AVS. You both look good. Have fun at the party. Wish I were there.

Jerrry said...

I'm reminded of the old ad:

"Golly gee, I need roller skates to keep up with you. What kind of tampon do you use?"

But I know that would embarrass you, so I won't mention it.

Looking forward to backyard fun in the big city tomorrow.