Sunday, October 29, 2006

time to move on...

I’m seeing a Sunday evening blogging pattern. I might have to rename the blog Sunday Afternoon Driver or something equally as witty.
This was a weekend of good-byes. I always joke that I drive men to move out of state, but it really is true. My long-time boyfriend AVS moved to Austin, TX two years ago. It was a great move for the guitar-playing-rock-star-younger-than-me man. He got to tour this summer with Susan Cowsill, the youngest member of the iconic family band The Cowsills. Things are going really well for him. None of that stuff would have happened if we were still sitting on his sofa watching Law and Order and reading library books.

I’ve only really dated two people in the four years since AVS and I broke up and both of them are leaving Indianapolis this week. I met MC at the coffeehouse I was managing. You can tell a lot about people in the ninety seconds that you see them in the morning. MC is handsome, polite and funny. Of course I had a terrible crush on him. MC is moving back to his native California to be closer to his parents, children and grandchildren (I’m old enough to date a grandfather—holy moly!). I’m thrilled for him and he’s been working toward that goal for a long time. MC and I went out right after AVS and I broke up. I was so nervous on our first date that I tripped on the way in to the restaurant and broke my foot. My foot hurt like hell but I didn’t say a word all through dinner. How goofy was that? MC is one of the nicest, best people that I know. I was not emotionally ready for a relationship. I was still pining for (and still occasionally seeing) AVS. I thought I was ready for a more intimate relationship with MC. MC was mature enough to not take advantage of that. He was the voice of reason. I am so grateful to him for the respect he showed me. He and I became good friends and confidantes and I will miss his friendship. We had breakfast and took a walk this morning. He said some thoughtful and amazing things to me this morning. He has always been sensitive and in touch with his emotions, pretty much the opposite of me.

Dr. TW and I dated for a bit last year. He looked great on paper. He is a therapist and musician. He’s age appropriate and well read. Somehow we never quite clicked. I tend to move and react pretty quickly (follow me if there is a fire—I’ve already scoped out the exits and have an emergency plan) and I’m a “glass half full” person. TW is very deliberate and skeptical. I didn’t help that I thought the pauses in conversation were because he was analyzing me. I broke out in hives on his birthday and took that as a sign that the relationship did not need to go farther. TW took a job in Italy, taking the moving out of state to a new extreme. He and I had a farewell dinner Friday night…and no hives appeared.

I guess it is time for me to meet another man to have an awkward relationship with. Wish me luck!


Cliff Morrow said...

I've read the 'entire' content of your blog. Very clever. You are very interesting to read. This is a pretty good way to keep a diary.
You have decided to not hide your identity, as I have, and I guess it changes the content quite a bit. Some things are out of bounds when people know who you are and what you do. I could be really interesting if I didn't live in a small town and have a part time political job, and didn't worry about making someone mad. Keep up the good writing.

Teresa said...

Nora, thanks for stopping by and telling me about your tattoo. You are right, it did hurt. But, it is all better now.

Here's hoping we both meet someone interesting and wonderful in the coming months. :)

Jerry said...

Only you would try to hide a broken foot so as not to make a bad first impression. You crack me up.