Sunday, October 22, 2006

taking my sweet time

I really thought I'd be better at updating this. I have not had the time to figure out how to add links and all of that snazzy stuff, so I've gotten a little frustrated with it.
It has been an incredibly busy week. We had a big fundraiser for Second Helpings on Friday. It was a success...I only had to drive one volunteer home (it was a wine tasting event). I worked on Saturday and have spent a chunk of today writing a music preview for NUVO, a weekly arts and entertainment paper. The story was assigned to me. The guy promoting the show kept bugging the paper for a piece. Once it was assigned neither he or the musician would return my calls/e-mails. I wound up writing it from information I found on various Web sites. It felt slightly like cheating, and it took me three times as long to do as it should have, so I'm not feeling the love towards this particular singer/songwriter.
I'm off to do some house cleaning....Chez Pez needs some dusting...

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