Saturday, November 05, 2016

chez pez pez

I'm sharing 20 memories in honor of living in my house for 20 years. This is #5.

What's up with the Chez Pez title of the blog you ask?

I live in the house of Pez. For real.

Like all collections it started with just a few. I had about ten of 'em lined up on the frame over the door.

My house is a one-story double - the other side is a mirror set up. Living room flows into the dining room to a hallway. To the right is the kitchen door, a few feet later the bathroom door, and the bedroom door at the end of the hallway.

That long hallway wall was just begging for something big.

Dad had just salvaged church pews and crown molding and lots of other wood from a church building that was being torn down to make way for the new College Ave Library. He cut two inches off of the top of the crown molding, flipped it, and screwed it to the top. Viola! The perfect display shelf for Pez.

We joked that I would never collect enough Pez to fill the ten foot shelf.

As you can see, "famous last words" is starting to be a theme with these memories.

I now have four shelves, the top two are 12 feet long and they're stuffed with Pez. And I have boxes more stored away.

I can't keep up with all of the new Pez dispensers. So many movies license with Pez now and it seems like there is a new batch out every week!

My favorites are the Bicentennial series from 1976.

My Batman - with a cape- won the first place ribbon at the Indiana State Fair this year. I love it when all of my favorite things collide!

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Granny Annie said...

Nora I thought I knew you collected Pez dispensers but I really had NO IDEA!!! You go girl:-)