Sunday, May 01, 2011

nora at forty-six

For the last ten years or so, I got my picture taken with Russel on my birthday. I continued to age and he always looked the same.

I missed that on my last birthday. As you may be able to tell, I'm big on the traditions. The quirkier the better. I used to smoke two cigarettes a year, but now I'm down to one. I love to take a couple puffs off of one of my cousins cigarettes on National Smoke Out Day -- just to be contrary.

The other cigarette was on Fat Tuesday and Russel would light it with his old silver Zippo lighter, I would take an awkward puff and Russ would just shake his head and we would both  laugh.

I'm trying not to mourn the loss of old traditions, but I was really looking forward to getting by picture taken with Russ when I turned 50.