Sunday, May 01, 2011

nora at forty-six

For the last ten years or so, I got my picture taken with Russel on my birthday. I continued to age and he always looked the same.

I missed that on my last birthday. As you may be able to tell, I'm big on the traditions. The quirkier the better. I used to smoke two cigarettes a year, but now I'm down to one. I love to take a couple puffs off of one of my cousins cigarettes on National Smoke Out Day -- just to be contrary.

The other cigarette was on Fat Tuesday and Russel would light it with his old silver Zippo lighter, I would take an awkward puff and Russ would just shake his head and we would both  laugh.

I'm trying not to mourn the loss of old traditions, but I was really looking forward to getting by picture taken with Russ when I turned 50.


Cliff said...

Well, sorry ol Russel had to move on to greener pastures but I don't think cutting back on your smoking is going to hurt you much.
I'll admit to laughing at the one puff on National Smoke Out Day. Good one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nora--What fun it was to read your blog and to see the pictures---You still look lovely!!--I have always enjoyed our visits--You are such a kind person--Please stop by when in Tekamah---Love, Robbie Morrow

Rachel said...

Hi Nora! Remember me? I have read all your different age posts and enjoyed it thoroughly!

Your birthday is the 19th and mine is the 21st! Whoo-hoo!!

I agree with Cliff about your cigarette smoking!! LOL

It's too bad Russel isn't around for this upcoming birthday. I'm sure you'll have fun though. You have fun at whatever you do!

Jim said...

Hi Nora ~~
Happy Birthday, Nora!
I am sure this is a little late but not much. I'm like you on those MAJORS, I like to not have people making a big fuss. But I did add up the numbers here and there. (You were about the cutest four-year-old I've run into.)

At times like this, too, one misses a departed friend who is not longer there for celebrations.

I smoke about 50 cigarettes a year, all from others second hand smoke. The smell is still enticing when my neighbor is sitting on his back porch smoking. I wouldn't dare even smoke one on National Smokeout Day.

One more time, Happy Birthday!
BTW, your FB says you are still working at the Red Key Tavern.

Did you buy it?

Rachel said...

Happy birthday Nora!

Anonymous said...

I'm cracking up that you've cut back from two annual smokes to just one. Your lungs are thanking you for the reprieve. :-)
Awww, I wish you could have taken that photo with him too. That's a great tradition you had going.

Ralph said...

I remember the story about Russel's passing. It was a sad but heart felt story. Maybe, just maybe, he was trying to help cut down on your smoking.
Russel sounded like a great guy and I am sure you miss him deeply.

Ralph said...

Sometimes i just hate blogger! This is the fourth time I tried to post a comment.
I remember your post about Russel's passing. A heartfelt post if ever there was one. Maybe he was he just trying to help you quit smoking.
He sounded liked such a neat guy I wish I could have met him.