Monday, April 26, 2010

hi there

It always seems so awkward when I've been away for a bit but my whole life is a bit awkward, so I should be used to it, really.

So here I am. Again.

I seem to be in a topsy-turvy time right now. My house is all jumbled up. I was taking great pride in how clean my place was in December, January and February. The porch was clean, I could have opened the front door to anyone - and invited them in to the whole house. I'd gotten rid of furniture and stuff over the winter and moved my closet to the basement and gotten rid of a lot of junk.

Then I spent every free minute for four weeks helping Mom pack and move. My sister Beth was there even more. Not only was I ignoring my housework, writing, my Golden Gloves tickets and friends, I was hauling crap home - furniture, household goods and guilt. Not necessary in that order.

I was coming home around midnight each night with arms full of dishtowels, candles and books and a bellyful of McDonald's cheeseburgers, fries and resentment. There was a mess everywhere I looked - including the mirror.

I was missing writing deadlines and trying to squeeze my job into a forty-hour workweek. And trying to squeeze my ever-expanding ass into my jeans.

There was even a boy (age-appropriate, single and cute) who was showing some interest and calling. We talked on the phone for evenings in a row, always with me crouched down on Mom's porch talking in a low voice, no I couldn't come out and play.  He came to see me three Saturdays in a row at the Red Key. The fourth Saturday he brought a date.

I don't blame him really. I was a crabby mess.

You couldn't walk through my house. Two people I was really fond of died on Easter Sunday. A cousin died the next week. Another friend last week.

The tailgate fell off of my truck on the way to work. Worse, it didn't quite fall all of the way off. It was still attached by one of the cords that keeps it from slamming down.  I head an awful noise and prayed that it was not me. An even crappier truck drove up beside me an pointed for me to pull over. Fabulous. It was me. It was throwing sparks and trash bags from Mom's were spilling out.I'm too much of a goody-two-shoes not to pick up the trash. I had to bungee cord the tailgate and trash bags in the bed. Classy.Luckily I didn't have my glasses yet so I'm not exactly sure who drove by.

My water-heater conked out. I didn't wash my whole body -- just parts, for a week.

Work is a little dicey.

What do you think sent me over the edge? My freaking right turn-signal light was out. I even had the bulb and tool to change it in the glove-box but that didn't stop me from bursting into tears and pounding on the steering wheel.  

So here I am again. Trying to organize my house - like things with like things - as my friend Kim says and my life.

Write, write, write.

Look at me go!


Granny Annie said...

Do you read Kenju at IMAGINE? She explains it all with Mercury in retrograde we're all experiencing set backs. Everything will be okay after May 11th. Oh it only....

My ten weeks of exercise are seeing a slow down and this huge hunger has overtaken my mental reasoning. Apple or Cake? Cake wins and I lose (or gain whichever you prefer).

Don't worry -- all will be well.

David G. said...

Nora when everything is going wrong and pissing you off, that's exactly the time to remind yourself of how many people treasure you as a friend and look forward to hearing you write long blogposts about how bad your day was.

Cliff said...

you are so good at writing that I am sitting in a hotel in kc, reading about someone's wheels coming off and laughing about it. You are a delightful person and don't deserve blown taillight bulbs.
Couldn't you have made an ugly seen at the Red Key when your friend brought his date in? Now that would have been some material. Maybe a beer down his pants. Take care Nora.

Rachel said...

Oh Nora, I'm sorry things have been awkward lately. You do write so well and I had to laugh (just a little) at the tailgate falling off while you were driving! I think that one would have sent me over the edge!!

Hang in there Nora. You are such a busy person. I don't know how you find the time for it all.

jenny elkins said...

I enjoyed your post. I always tell my Ed that I think I will one day have a kick me sign tattooed onto my backside. Hope you have had some time to re-group.

Vuttikrai Saechue said...
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