Saturday, May 02, 2009

goals, goals, goals.

I've never been a goal setter and I think that is most of my problem. Oh sure, I'm good a short term goals - earn enough money to buy a camera, finish my column by the deadline, don't be late for work all week, don't punch anyone in the nose during a waitressing shift, don't snort in a committee meeting....but mostly, I suck at goal setting. 

Last year when I slogged my fat ass through the 500 Festival 5K walk (I was too out of shape to walk the half-marathon 13.1 mile race I'd signed up for) I vowed that I'd be in better shape the next year. I also thought it was be fun to highlight the 40 + bands that play along the route. It wasn't until July, when I needed a boost to get on a horse in Nebraska (and saw a photo of myself on that horse) that I came up with a concrete weight loss goal - 25 pounds. I almost fainted when I figured out that I had 25 pounds to lose! Me? Skinny kid Nora? Yikkes! 

I joined Weight Watchers online in August and it has been wonderful. I haven't been to a meeting but I faithfully record everything I eat and weigh myself at home. I reached the goal in March and have not gained any weight in the last three months. I would like to lose five more, but I'm pretty proud of myself.

I walked the Mini-Marathon in 3 hours, 42 minutes and reviewed and photographed all of the bands along the way. I had a blast! You can read my article here. Note my sports byline - wheee!

Now I need a new goal. Any ideas?


Ralph said...

Congratulations Nora.
No idea for a new goal - you're on your own there.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray for you!!!!
I've lost some weight too, but not 25 pounds. You achieved your goal AND kept it off, so you totally rock!!
Cute pony tails, btw.
There are some god-awful pics of me on a horse in Nebraska too. Atrocious photos that can be used to bribe me.


Rachel said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading! You had a busy April! I loved reading about your friend Doris and all her wonderful memories. Being 100 yrs. old she has seen some changes in her lifetime!

I'm proud of you for your weight loss! Well done Nora! I don't have any ideas for a new goal either.

Cliff said...

I know, walk to Nebraska and we'll give you a lift back home.
Congrats Nora. You're looking great. I'll come back with some more time and catch up on the rest.

Jim said...

Congratulations Nora! You did good!
Your new goal? Run next year (13.1 miles) instead of walking. :-)
I liked your column/article. If you keep on with the writing Cliff will get jealous.
I've lost ten pounds and would like to lose 25 total but that is harder than I want to try.

Sparkleneely said...

I am so proud of you! I, too, have been doing weight watchers, but BADLY. It's taken me a year to lose 25 pounds... and I think I just gained 10 this month alone. But it's such a great feeling... and if you haven't, go to the grocery store and pick up 5 5 pound bags of potatoes. And then you'll feel fantastic!

So glad you commented on my blog -- I'm enjoying yours!

Anonymous said...

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